Course date

16 July - 25 July, 2019
The application deadline expired. We will review late applications on a case-by-case basis.

Experiences of past course participants

2016 course participants said:
"The course was useful in developing the theoretical way to approach the topic I am working on. Also, the practical workshops as well as theworkshops on grants and publications was extremely helpful. Also loved the way the teachers taught. Hope I can develop skills like them someday!"
"I have received practical and useful comments on my research project from different angles. Also, I gained a huge amount of practical informationon academic career building & networking."
"The course has expanded my horizon on Political Psychology issues, provided with the general ideas about populism phenomenon, its study andmeasurment pecularites."
2015 course participants said:
Please mention the most important things you learnt during this course:
"Q Methodology and experimantal methods. Regarding theories: system justification and collective narcissism were presented very well. In addition I enjoyed the variety of the teaching methods that I plan to introduce at my home university."
If the course has helped you with your work, please specify in what way:
"My fellow students gave helpful comments on my work and I also got a deeper look into System Justification Theory, which some of my work is based on."
"I have received very useful feedback on my projects and developed new ideas for future studies."
"This course is distinct from other summer schools through its teaching methods and interactive learning environment. In addition, extracurricular activities and events were very well planned and organized."