Environmental governance, Environmental science, Science and Technology Studies, Transition studies

This is a joint school with the European Environment Agency (EEA) – an EEAcademy event. It is co-organised with  Erda RTE and Bridging for Sustainability.


Course date

27 June - 3 July, 2019

Experiences of past course participants

“I appreciate that the course was academically rigorous in terms of the content of the lectures, readings and discussions. The mix of active listening and hand-onactivities made for a stimulating environment to engage with the subject matter.”

“More than anything, I was incredibly impressed by the collaboration of the group in its entirety. We came together as a learning community where we were engaged withthe subject manner, vulnerable in terms of being open to exploring unknowns, and enthusiastic to learn. The course faculty was superb in guiding us through the learningjourney”  

“This was by far the best course I have taken thus far during my PhD studies. The academic rigor, organization, and wonderful group dynamic all contributed to the coursebeing a transformative learning experience.”

"Relevant lecturers and topics, international academic competence, good organization, multicultural experience."

"The course was very useful in bringing like-minded people together in trying to use foresight in solving environmental problems."