Public events during SUN 2019

In the summer of 2019 SUN hosts various public events.

Tuesday, July 2, 6pm – 7.30pm | nador 9, Popper Room

Public lecture by Jonathan Stock

School of Music and Theatre, University College Cork, Ireland

Discussion points:

  • How music contributed to the nation-building efforts of the 19th and 20th centuries. Music as a piece of common national ground, of building identities and a common language.
  • How certain types of music were picked as national heritage while others were left on the sidelines.
  • An ethnomusicological account of music serving political purpose.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm, change of venue: Nador u. 15. room #103

Film screening and Q&A with the director Péter Kerekes

Military cooks are never mentioned in history books and yet they helped to influence the course of history. Péter Kerekes collected their stories from all over Europe to take us behind the scenes of dates, facts, declarations of war, battles, and peace agreements. The recollections of those who witnessed the European wars of the 20th century provide subjective perspectives on historical events that diverge from conventional history. In separate episodes addressing WWII, the Franco-Algerian war, the Soviet invasion of Hungary, the war in Chechnya, and the Balkan bloodbaths, Kerekes lets his subjects hold forth in monologues, prompted by his off-camera questions. Through their subjective recollections, food preparation becomes a metaphor for battle strategy. Cooking History opens up a dimension of history one won’t find in textbooks or archives. The directness of the anecdotes and destinies of the people in this film conveys a sense of hope, longing, and survival strategies in the midst of destruction and despair.
Original language: Hungarian, Russian, Hebrew with English subtitles 88 min
Special Jury Award - International Feature Hot Docs Toronto 2009, Nomination for the European Film Academy Award - Best Documentary 2009, The Hugo Gold award -Chicago Film Festival 2009, FIPRESCI Jury Award - Leipzig DOKS 2009, Vienna Film Prize for Best Documentary - Viennale 2009, Memorimage Award for the Best Production 2009, Best Int’l Documentary - Sofia Film Festival 2010, Best Feature Documentary - Slow Motion Food Film Festival 2011


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Wednesday, July 3, 2019 / 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm /
CEU, Nador u. 9, Monument Building, PopperRoom

This public roundtable will reflect on how engaged research may be practiced and what challenges it may encounter. The participants will reflect on research engagement - including engaged ethnographies - with a focus on migration, forced displacement and their broader social contexts.
Much research on migration and conflict resolution produce ‘expertise’ that excludes the subjects of research from knowledge-production. In what ways may we conduct academic inquiries that challenge these inequalities and hierarchies. 
The roundtable is part of the CEU Summer University Course 'Conceptualizing, Navigating and Representing the Field in Migration Studies'.

Roundtable participants:

  • Celine Cantat, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Center for Policy Studies, CEU
  • Shahram Khosravi, Professor of Anthropology, Stockholm University
  • Katerina Rozakou, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
  • AlHakam Shaar, Fellow, Aleppo Project, Shattuck Center on Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery, CEU


  • Prem Kumar Rajaram, Professor of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Head of Open Learning Initiative (OLIve), CEU

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Thursday 4 July, 7 PM, Kobuci Kert (1033 Budapest, Fő tér 1.)


Táncház (literally "dance house") is a "casual" Hungarian folk dance event. It is an aspect of the Hungarian roots revival of traditional culture which began in the early 1970s, and remains an active part of the national culture across the country, especially in cities like Budapest. The term is derived from a Transylvanian tradition of holding dances at individual's homes.

Source: Wikipedia

Ticket price:: 1000 HUF

CEU Summer University –
Music as Heritage: From Tradition to Product



Friday, July 5, 2019 / 11:00AM TO 13:30 PM / CEU, Nador u. 15, Auditorium A

Film screening + Q&A with the director

Olha is a migrant woman whose life is packed with turning points enough to fill up a few
telenovelas and yet, it is so similar to the lives of many women of such background – Ukrainian
care workers in Italy. Unlike many of women in the similar situation – middle-aged, away from
home, working often illegally and long hours looking after elderly people, she does not forget
about herself. Olha believes in love and thinks it is possible to find a beautiful romantic relationship even though at the age of 57 she has known a few disappointments. Even if the relationships between migrant women and local men are considered to be a transgression on both sides. Even if, according to the public, migrating mothers are not supposed to think about themselves or their personal happiness all together. Olha’s Italian Diary is an intimate sneak-peek into one of the
contemporary taboo topics: intimate lives of the female migrants away from home. Will Olha be
able to give Naples a chance and take care of herself, among all the care obligations she has for
everyone else?

Director and research: Olena Fedyuk
DoP: Eszter Csepeli
Sound: Zoltan Kovacs
Editor: Victor Onysko
Length: 52’
Q&A led by: Olena Fedyuk and Violetta Zentai   
The screening is part of the CEU Summer University Course 'Conceptualizing, Navigating and Representing
the Field in Migration Studies'.



Tuesday, July 9, 6pm – 7.30pm | nador 15, room #103

Public lecture by Melanie Kay Smith

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Sociology / School of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality, Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary

Discussion points:

  • How is music used or could be used in the competition for attracting tourists?
  • How is music linked to geographical spaces? How
  • can music be a tool of urban development?