Anthropology, Demography, History, Political science, Public policy, Romany studies, Social theory, Sociology

Course date

25 June - 14 July, 2012
31 March, 2012
The application deadline expired. Late applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Target group

The main target group is junior, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers interested in developing Romany Studies primarily involved in academic research. MA students will also be considered.  Other persons who are engaged in research in a non-academic environment (think tanks, government departments, NGOs and the like) are also eligible. Given the political and policy importance of the topics we deal with we expect a significant minority of our trainees to be researchers in NGOs, government or other nonuniversity public institutions. We expect the majority, however, to be academically engaged researchers.

Eligibility categories:

  • Early-stage researchers with up to four years’ experience of their research career (engagement in a relevant academic program or professional activity) Applicants in this category will in general have precedence.
  • Experienced researchers with up to ten years’ experience of their research career (engagement in a relevant academic program or professional activity)
  • Experienced researchers with more than ten years’ experience of their research career (engagement in a relevant academic program or professional activity).

PRIORITY will be given to associate members of the European Academic Network on Romany Studies which is funding this summer school. This network is open to anyone working in this field and application forms may be obtained from .


Minimum requirement is a first degree allowing the student to pursue doctoral


Language requirement

The language of instruction is English, thus all applicants have to demonstrate a strong command of spoken and written English to be able to participate actively in discussions at seminars and workshops. Some of the shortlisted applicants may be contacted for a telephone interview.