Anthropology, History, Sociology

Course date

30 June - 6 July, 2014
Application for this course is closed.

Experiences of past course participants

2012 course participants said:

"First and foremost the course allowed me to get a more complete idea about the field of Romani Studies. Second, meeting with so many academics and peers proved a good opportunity to start thinking/discussing about possible joined research activities."
"The course helped me expand my knowledge on a variety of issues related to Romany studies, ranging from
anthropology and linguistics to history and collective memory."
"Indeed the course was useful. Meeting a whole new generation of researchers in Romani Studies is an uplift for my work and a perfect way of initiating collaborative work that will definitely benefit the field. Some of the teachers are really groundbreaking professionals, and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to listen to their lectures and talk to them about their work."
2010 course participants said:
"This course gave me a chance to embrace and analyze different approaches to Romany Studies and the interaction with students from different countries contributed to my expansion of views and evaluation of my own understanding of the Roma."
"The course provided some excellent starting points for further research. Since I am currently working on my dissertation, I came across various frameworks and debates in the field (during the course) that I know will be useful later on in the writing-up portion after I finish my fieldwork."
"I've been working on discrimination against Roma from a human rights research and campaigning perspective during the last 3.5 years. The course has allowed me to experience different approaches and aspects of working on/with Roma. It has also motivated me to continue my work and the fight against discrimination of Roma. It has been great to meet all these other people who work on similar issues or on the same people using absolutely different approaches but at least often having similar values and sensitivity
towards Roma issues."