2013 Summer University Experiences

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Hear students and guest lecturers talk about their experiences studying and teaching at CEU during summer 2013. While there were eighteen courses offered, we spoke with participants from three courses to offer a brief insight into the SUN experience.

Double Wink Glimpses

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A short video made by Slavik Bihun, participant of the "Documentary Cinema in the Digital Century" summer course in 2013.

Summer of 2012 - a "Digital story"

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Enjoy this piece of video about the 2012 summer participants' experiences.

"Polemos/Pulmus": A Jewish Studies/Medieval Studies SUN Course (2012)

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The Polemos/Pulmus summer course discussed the relation between various forms of Late Antique Judaism, Christianity and Paganism in a multi-disciplinary framework.

Short films produced by the participants of the 2011 "Documentary Filmmaking" course

On the summer of 2011 participants of the

Our 2011 summer program was a big success

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Hear from some of our 2011 participants about their experiences.

La Caminata (2011)

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Short film made by Ipek Oskay and Drago Zuparic-Iljic, participants of the "Documentary and Anthropological Filmmaking" 2011 summer course.