Environmental science, Human development, Poverty reduction, Sustainable development

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Course date

2 July - 13 July, 2012
15 February, 2012

Experiences of past course participants

"The course was absolutely beneficial in terms of the content, knowledge and skills provided as I had not only the
chance to revise concepts that I was already familiar with, yet also to learn about new theories and
practical approaches, different views, and existing criticisms that, accordingly, enables to work further on possible
improvements. Also, it was a great match of theoretical lectures and practical, including group, assignments.
Furthermore, I have greatly benefited from networking and made contacts for future projects and activities, including research and PhD, as w ell as for the work I am engaged at this very moment. Positive synergies are already on the way." (2012 course participant)

"The course definitely broadened my horizon on Human Development, revealed its importance and the
interconnectedness between spheres of human activity. It was also interesting to see how the classes are
organized I got some insights how to modify the classes I teach and incorporate the received knowledge into my work."
(2012 course participant)

"Highly professional teaching staff, equilibrated, valuable, adequate and up-dated content, good selection criteria of
participants for in-campus module that overall contribute to summer course success, international experience,
networking, and available facilities/infrastructure at the university (library, computer labs, etc.)."
(2012 course participant)

I would strongly recommend the course to my colleagues because it gives a strong theoretical and practical knowledge on HD concept which is not completely understood in Ukrainian science. It is also a great chance to exchange opinions and ideas with people who work in this field and use the experience for further research or work.” (2011 course participant)

I enjoyed the level of the course because I felt challenged to expand my scope and I was able also to contribute and share my knowledge on issues. It had a mix of learning / teaching style that encouraged research and also practical application.” (2011 course participant)

As I was not an expert in the matter prior to the course, the course was very educative for me. I was a little bit afraid that the level would be too high for me, but the lectures had a nice mix of basic knowledge and expert knowledge. The online part had prepared me on the theoretical level, the lectures merely added to the understanding. Therefore I would like to stress that the online part combined with the Campus part is a very good - and necessary - combination.” (2011 course participant)

One of the studies presented in the course, was social inclusion benchmarked for some European countries, now I am eager do it for my country Iran. Moreover some of my research fields are about poverty, income distribution and gender discrimination which were subjected in the course.” (2011 course participant)

First of all I got clear understanding of the theory of SHD and its different approaches. I got new information on social exclusion/inclusion and social economy, which is very valuable for me. I clarified for myself the field of Masters Degree Program I would like to choose.” (2011 course participant)

On a day to day basis I am dealing with the political, economic and social development in Central and Eastern Europe. However, mostly through the lenses of a politologist. Learning more about issues within Human Development in the Region has made a considerable and valuable contribution to my understanding of other processes, which are equally important for further political, economic and social development of the Region.” (2011 course participant)

"It provides an excellent insight into the HD paradigm. The human security and social inclusion concepts are equally inspiring and relevant to the development work. I found the course useful in the sense that it is practical and applicable to the work I do." (2010 course participant)

"Friendly atmosphere during the course. A lot of new material. You do not just attend lectures, you have to participate actively and prepare projects with your group." (2010 course participant)

"The course gives an opportunity to deeply understand HD paradigm and its evolution (especially with recent economic crisis and its impact to the countries of EE & CIS)." (2010 course participant)

"I am at the beginning of writing a paper, so mainly I got new ideas to develop. Plus I feel confident to contact the course director, the course coordinator or any of the instructors in the future for feedback. I think this is very important." (2010 course participant)

"The course was very intense. Many people had a hard time readjusting their schedule to 4-5 hrs of sleep. On the other hand, for the majority of the class it was one of the best experiences ever." (2010 course participant)

"Well structured, based on perfect reading assignments, consistent." (Course participant 2009)

"Interactive organization, work in interdisciplinary + international groups, links between theory and practice." (2009 course participant)

"I enjoy that there's discussion that takes place during lectures. I find optimal the ratio of interactive work to lectures." (2009 course participant)

"It gave overall and comprehensive knowledge on human development, very very informative. It was perfectly organized." (2009 course participant)

"This course inspires me to find other short courses in the future. Many things can be learned in such short time. It's good." (2009 course participant)