Browse some of the lectures of the "Conditionals: Philosophical and Linguistic Issues" course as well as the public panels and lectures in 2009.

Apostolos Doxiadis - Beyond The Two Cultures: A Storyteller's Love-Hate Relationship With Mathematics (2009)

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Apostolos Doxiadis, the famous Greek writer delivered a public lecture presented by the Summer University course on "Mathematics and Narrative: Bringing Mathematics Back to the Cultural Mainstream".

Richard B. Freeman - The Role of Labor Institutions in the Global Economy (2009)

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A public lecture by Richard B. Freeman, Professor of Economics, Harvard University presented by the "Work and Inequality in a Global Economy" summer course.

Integrity in Politics: An Oxymoron or a Real Possibility? (2009)

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Panelists in the discussion included Nuhu Ribadu from Nigeria, TS Krishnamurthy from India, and Fredrik Galtung from Tiri-Making Integrity Work, London.