Course date

25 June - 29 June, 2019
The application deadline has expired. Late applications will be reviewed by the Course Directors on a case-by-case basis.
Course Director(s): 

Pusa Nastase

Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education, Central European University, Vienna, Austria

Matyas Szabo

Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education, Central European University, Vienna, Austria
Course Faculty: 

James Kennedy

Former Director of Global Engagement at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom

In recent decades Internationalization-at-Home (IaH) has been viewed by many European universities as a solution for providing students the global competencies required from professionals working in an international and interconnected society. The goal of IaH is to transform classrooms and campuses into spaces that intentionally promote intercultural, international, and global learning.

Due to the topic’s current importance there are numerous courses and workshops addressing the issue of IaH. Nevertheless, this summer course is one of the very few providing a comprehensive view on the multiple facets of IaH in an intensive format that brings together experienced moderators, instructors and participants, and allows for mutual learning.

The course will offer participants an occasion to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought about by the internationalization of universities. It would also present and discuss a wide range of case studies - including successful and less successful ones - and challenge course participants to re-examine the degree of internationalization in their own institution and national higher education system, as well as bring internationalization at home in line with their universities’ mission.
The course is aimed primarily at representatives of higher education institutions interested to enhance their international character. It encourages peer learning and experience-sharing among participants. It intends to bring together:
•    university leaders and managers involved or interested in increasing the internationalization of their policies and curricula
•    faculty members designing or redesigning their courses for either an international cohort of students and/or developing courses of an international focus or character
•    staff members working in international offices, quality assurance offices or on curriculum development
•    students involved in university governance
•    representatives of education think tanks
As prerequisite for the course, participants need to demonstrate their direct involvement and interest in the topic of internationalization at home.

By the end of the summer course, we hope that participants will gain an advanced knowledge regarding IaH policies, most recent strategies and practices at international, national and institutional levels and will identify practices and policies suitable for their home institutions.