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Course date
June 28–July 8, 2021
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This summer course offers a pioneering intellectual inquiry into the dynamics, varieties, and antagonisms of racialization and racial oppression of Romani people in relation to other racialized populations in Europe.

The course examines the links between gender, race, and class in the past and present era of global capitalism and the impact of marketization, and financialization on racialized groups, such as Roma. Through the course, participants will critically explore the historical formation of intersected racialized and gendered manifestations of oppression at the global and local levels.

The summer school addresses the following questions

  • What are the insights and limitations of applying critical race theory to studying the situation of Roma in Eastern European societies?
  • What are the manifestations and patterns of anti-Romani racisms?
  • How is it reproduced in different areas of public life?
  • How could enduring forms of racial injustice be tackled?

Online course format

The course will be held online comprising both asynchronous and synchronous elements. The real-time online seminars are planned to be held between 13.30 and 17.00 Central European Time. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to individually consult with faculty members and to develop their own projects during the course. The course comprises online social and cultural events as well.

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