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Kerepesi Residence Center

Booking accommodation

Scholarship participants

The SUN Office will book accommodation for scholarship participants in the CEU Residence Center, a modern, air-conditioned hostel about a 40-45-minute ride (bus+metro) away from CEU’s teaching site.
The booking will be made for default dates (arrival: one day before the course starts, departure: the day after the course finishes).
An accommodation grant (including breakfast) covers housing expenses in a single or shared double room (with two single beds or a bunk bed) with a bathroom, (depending on the type of awarded grant) only for the course period, and can only be used in the hotel designated for the course.

All modification requests will be handled by the Residence Center staff

In case scholarship participants want to bring guests, arrive earlier, and/or leave later than the default dates, they should contact the Residence Center staff (at, and cover all extra expenses.

Self-funded participants

Those covering their accommodation have a choice to 

  • book their accommodation themselves in the CEU Residence Center (located at a 45-minute commute from CEU’s teaching site) in our Housing form or
  • find a hotel room/rent an apartment in Budapest themselves

We will provide a link to the Housing Form after the notification of acceptance where you can indicate your preference. 

In case a self-funded participant reserves their accommodation through the Housing form, The Residence staff will send a booking confirmation.

Self-funded participants (and their guests) will need to transfer a 2-night non-refundable deposit in advance.

If you wish to modify your choice later, you will be able to do so by sending an email to

If you cancel your participation in the program, please remember to cancel your room booking as well.

Vacancies in town between July 19-20-21, 2024
Budapest will host the Formula-1 Race between July 19-20-21, 2024. Therefore, a couple of days before, during, and after the Race, room rates at hotels and apartments will be much higher than usual, and hotel rooms may be difficult to book for that period. 
We advise non-scholarship participants of the below courses to book their accommodation as soon as possible:

  • Climate Nexus: Interlinking energy, agriculture, and water  
  • Demographic Imaginaries: Soft Authoritarianism, Majoritarian Identity Politics, and Demographic Anxieties 
  • Geospatial Technologies for Building Climate Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation 
  • Holocaust Testimonies and Their Afterlives 
  • Professional development in university teaching and learning 
  • The Human Mind And The Open Society - Human Behavior & Evolution Association

Room booking confirmations for visa applications

Both scholarship and self-funded participants who need a room booking confirmation for their visa applications can request one in the Visa form.

Arrival and departure default dates

  • Check-in date: the day before the course starts
    (e.g. if the course starts on Monday, the arrival day will be on Sunday)
  • Check-in time: 14:00
  • Check-out date: the day after the last teaching day
    (e.g. if the last day of the course is a Friday, the departure day will be on Saturday).
  • Check-out time: 10:00 a.m.

CEU Residence Center

Address: Kerepesi út 87, Budapest, H-1106; Tel.: +36 1 327-3150, Fax: +36 1 327-3169;

The CEU Residence Center is a modern, air-conditioned hostel about a 40-45-minute ride (bus+metro) away from the downtown CEU Budapest teaching site where classes are held. The rooms have their own bathrooms. Prices include continental breakfast.

Currently enrolled CEU students are eligible for the CEU student room rate and are requested to book their accommodation directly at 

CEU Alumni rates are also applicable, please write directly to 

Take a virtual tour of the Residence Center!

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Room rates

Single room: 39 EUR
With extra room requests, please contact our Residence Center colleagues at