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Financial conditions

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Our courses operate on different financial schemes and vary from course to course; therefore, please visit the relevant course web pages to see the course-specific Financial Information document.  
For most of the courses, we will not be able to meet all deserving applicants’ funding needs (check details on the course websites). Therefore, we advise prospective applicants to look for alternative sources of support from their home institutions, employers, and relevant funding agencies in their fields, etc.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary from course to course; therefore, please visit the relevant course web pages to see the course-specific information.
We expect fees to be paid online upon your confirmation of participation after April 15, via the Applicant Portal.

Payment deadline

  • May 28 (Full tuition fee)

For our fee-refund policy see the Cancellation and fee-refund policy page below.

What is covered by the tuition fee?

Tuition covers the following:

  • a minimum of 24 tuition hours per week
  • ECTS credits
  • a certificate of attendance
  • access to course E-learning page (with readings, assignments, etc.)
  • access to CEU facilities (Library, IT services, sports facilities at the CEU Residence Center)
  • some social and cultural events depending on the course schedules (e.g. welcome and farewell reception/outings/field trips/film screenings, etc.)

In addition to the tuition fee, feepaying participants need to cover their own travel, accommodation, health insurance costs, and living expenses.


Other costs

Travel costs

When purchasing your airplane tickets, please make sure you also purchase flight insurance. In case participants have to decline their participation at the last minute due to health or other reasons, they are personally liable for the costs of canceling their tickets. We cannot reimburse anyone for cancellation fees. For more information about the ticket purchase please visit this page


Accommodation in a single room at CEU Residence Center for our participants is at a preferential rate of 39 EUR/night.

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all enrolled Summer University participants to have adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay in Hungary as a condition of their participation in the program. Participants are responsible for purchasing their insurance and uploading it to the Applicant Portal.
In case it is difficult to find a reliable insurance company in your country, you can contact CEU's travel agency for health insurance (it is obligatory for your visa application). It will cost you around 2 EUR/day. More information is available on the Mandatory Insurance page.

Living costs

Living costs vary with course length and individual needs from 250-370 EUR.

Scholarship types

OSUN scholarships

Courses are generously funded by the  Open Society University Network offering scholarships that cover tuition, accommodation, and travel (including visa) as well as a stipend. Funds will be distributed based on academic merit, eligibility, and demonstrated financial need.


The following applicants are eligible for an OSUN scholarship: 

  • Currently enrolled students and employees of OSUN member institutions. OSUN institutions will be prioritized in selection for some of the scholarships.
  • Applicants affiliated with an academic institution/organization in the Global South and living, studying, or working there. Candidates must also be nationals of a country in the Global South.
  • Applicants from Ukraine (both Ukrainian refugees and those living in Ukraine).

CIVICA scholarships

A tuition waiver is available for currently enrolled students of CIVICA member universities.

Hungarian Colleges for Advanced Studies

Students of Hungarian Colleges for Advanced Studies ("Szakkollégium") are eligible for a tuition waiver. 

Other scholarships

In addition, some courses offer further types of scholarships or financial aid provided by CEU and other universities, NGOs, donor agencies, etc. For these, please visit the Financial Information document on the respective course web pages.

Financial aid packages 

Tuition Waiver

  • Financial aid: tuition fee waived
  • Participant's contribution: health insurance, travel, accommodation, and living expenses

Partial SUN Scholarship

  • Financial aid: tuition fee waived and free accommodation in a single or shared double room
  • Participant's contribution: health insurance, travel, and living expenses

Full SUN Scholarship

  • Financial aid: tuition fee waived; free accommodation in a single or shared double room, a full or partial travel grant, and a stipend
  • Participant’s contribution: health insurance and living expenses

Accommodation costs will be paid directly to the hotel by the SUN Office.
Recipients of full or partial travel grants and/or stipends will get their grants by bank transfer.

Fee payment by credit card

We expect fees to be paid online upon your confirmation of participation after April 15.

Payment deadline

  • May 28 (Full tuition fee)

Payments for the summer courses are to be made via the Applicant Portal. Accepted participants need to log in to the portal and accept the Offer received from the SUN office. After this, the 'onboarding' section will be available, where you can click on the 'fee payment' button. 

In exceptional cases, we accept payments outside the Applicant Portal. CLICK HERE to see when and how we can accept payments outside the portal.


In case you need an invoice to be issued for an institution (e.g. for your university, NGO, company, etc.), please fill out the invoice request form and provide the necessary information for the invoice. If you have any questions related to the invoice, please contact Ms. Timea Madarasz, CEU Budget & Finance Office.
Invoices for the tuition fee will be made out to the participant’s name unless their sponsor requests an invoice. If the invoice needs to be changed later, please contact the Summer University Office.

Cancellation by the Participant

In the event of cancellation, our general refund policy is the following (for specific course-related refund policy please consult the Financial Information posted on the course websites):

  • Before May 28 - CEU will refund 90% of the full tuition fee paid.
  • Between May 29th and 14 days before the course starts - 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded. 
  • Within 14 days of the course starting - no refund for tuition fees will be given.

Full refunds will be provided in the event of circumstances beyond the participant’s control (e.g. medical emergencies against an official medical certificate, etc.).

Cancellation by CEU Summer University (SUN)

CEU SUN reserves the right to cancel any of the courses. In such cases, CEU will refund the whole amount.