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Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

We will share important information in a downloadable  brochure (to be published in June) for participants about how to get to the Residence Center or the CEU site in downtown Budapest from the airport/train or bus station upon arrival in Budapest; where to exchange money; how to buy a travel pass; tips about restaurants, coffee houses, and bars in CEU’s neighborhood; computing facilities and library services at CEU; etc. 

We advise you to print out the brochure for directions and contact information on your accommodation, etc. in case you do not have Internet access upon arrival. 

Arrival and departure dates 

Participants are expected to arrive the day before the course starts (e.g. if the course starts on Monday, the arrival day will be on Sunday) and depart the day after the last teaching day (e.g. if the last day of the course is a Friday, the departure day will be on Saturday). 

If you plan to arrive/depart earlier or later than the above standard dates, please indicate this in the online Housing Form (links will be provided in the acceptance notification).  

Full class participation is a pre-condition for receiving the Certificate of Attendance and the Transcript awarded upon successful completion of the course. Joining the course with delay or leaving it before it ends is only acceptable with the prior consent of the CEU SUN office.

For information on how to get to your hotel, check the 'Getting to your hotel' section in the Information Brochure. 

Travel guidelines for grant recipients 

Purchasing the tickets 

Upon admission, participants must book and buy* their tickets as soon as possible to secure the cheapest ticket available. In case the amount of the travel grant is less than the actual ticket price, participants need to cover the difference from their budget. (In case participants have to decline their participation at the last minute due to health or other reasons, they are personally liable for the costs of canceling their ticket. We cannot reimburse anyone for cancellation fees.)
*Those needing a visa to come to Budapest are advised to purchase their ticket only after their visa has been granted.

We will pay the grant amounts (travel grants and stipends) by bank transfer before the Summer School starts.