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All summer course participants are expected to get to their hotels on their own. 

Depending on which hotel you are accommodated in, and the means of transportation you take (airplane, train, international bus), you can find the directions to your hotel in the Information Brochure 2024.

Click the link to download the Brochure depending on the hotel you are accommodated in:

  • Information Brochure for those accommodated in the CEU Residence Center

Registration at CEU Residence Center or CEU 

Participants are expected to arrive one day before the course starts (typically on a Sunday). Registration will usually take place in the hotel on arrival days (one day before the course starts), between 3-6 pm. Exact registration hours for each arrival date will be communicated to participants via email by the SUN staff and/or the course coordinators. 

The registration process 

Please visit the registration desk during registration hours and

  • check your contact data in the classist;
  • collect your IT booklet and visitor's card that provides access to facilities on the university premises, including the classroom, the Library, etc.;
  • Sign the Insurance declaration form. (If you have not submitted your insurance before your arrival, you will also need to submit a paper copy of it);

Meeting your group and your course coordinator 

Most course coordinators will try to meet their groups on the arrival day and take those participants out around 6 pm who have arrived by then. They will also help you buy your travel pass. Please look for posters announcing these group meetings on the notice board in the hotel lobby at CEU Residence Center.

In case your course does not organize any such events, you can start exploring the city on your own - if you need help or advice, please feel free to consult the SUN staff at the registration desk. 

Buying your travel pass 

Please read our guidelines on how to get your travel pass on our website

Exchanging money 

Airports are usually not the best places to exchange money so bring with you enough cash to get started in Budapest (tickets for public transportation or the shuttle bus fare, transportation pass, etc.). More information on the shuttle bus service and public transport is available in the Information Brochure. Also, see below a fairly reliable online Currency Converter that can help you estimate the amount of money: XE webpage.
 Exchange money, as a rule, at a bureau de change or a bank; people offering to exchange your money in the street may deceive you with counterfeit money.

Where am I advised to exchange money?

Depending on which hotel you are accommodated in, you have several options where you can exchange money: 
If you are in the CEU Residence Center 
Bureaux de change at Arkad Shopping Mall, Ors Vezer tere - basement or first floor 
 If you are at CEU's main teaching site
There are several bureaux de change in Nador Street or close to the Basilica.

Late arrival 

Those who arrive after registration hours will receive their registration materials from the course coordinator at CEU.

If you arrive late and would like to come to the CEU Downtown site directly from the Airport or the bus- and train stations, CLICK HERE to download the guide. 

Day 1 

Please check your course schedule, which you can print out from the course website, and when and in which classroom your first session will start.  

Scholarship participants will receive their grants during the first teaching day.

Orientation session 

(see when and where it is held in your schedule)

On the first day, we will offer an Orientation session (check the time and place in your course schedule).

During the Orientation session, you will receive: 

  • instructions on how to use the CEU computer system
  • useful tips about CEU and life in Budapest 
  • information about social events planned for your course