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Central European University aims to secure an inclusive, stimulating, and supportive working, learning, and social environment which promotes equality, values diversity and respects the rights and dignity of everyone. CEU endorses an inclusive environment that values diversity in line with its multicultural profile. This cultural complexity is an asset of CEU which considerably contributes to the learning experience.

At CEU everyone must be treated equally on the basis of their merits and relevant objective criteria, regardless of age, disability, ethnic or national origin, sex, race, socioeconomic background, gender, gender reassignment, gender expression, pregnancy, and parental status, political or religious beliefs or family circumstances including marriage and civil partnership, sexual orientation. The University endorses an inclusive culture that values diversity in line with its multicultural profile. It is committed to supporting all under-represented groups to achieve the most they are capable of as students or faculty or staff.

CEU is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination. Further CEU does not tolerate any discrimination or denial of equal opportunity to an individual or group based on protected grounds. This objective is stated in and enforced by several CEU policies, including the Code of Ethics, the Equal Opportunity Policy, The Central European University Policy on Harassment, the Policy on Gender Equity at Academic Events and Summer Schools.

In case of any questions, requests or issues related to inclusivity, diversity, or equality, please do not hesitate to reach out to Aniko Kellner, Equal Opportunity Officer

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The Nador street 13 and 15 buildings are fully accessible for people with mobility impairment. Signage supports the visually impaired with tactile elements. Auditorium A is equipped with an induction loop.

Accessible restrooms are available on each floor of Faculty Tower, Nador 13 and Nador 15 buildings. More information about the exact location can be found in the Floorplans.
The silent room is located in Nador street 11 building, room 415.

At CEU the implementation of gender equality is a high priority. 

Gender identity (i.e., sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression) can be freely defined and practiced. Transpersons can use their preferred name, and their preferred pronouns and express safely their gender identity at the Summer University.

Parents with babies and toddlers can visit the Nursing room on the ground floor of 15 Nador Str. The key is available at the Front Desk of this building.

A Child-friendly room is located on the ground floor, at 11 Nador Str., in room 0022. If you want to use the room, please send the date and time you request to use this room to

Diaper-changing facilities are available at

  • 13 Nador Str., - Ground Floor and 3rd floor
  • 15 Nador Str., - Ground Floor, 1st Floor and 2nd Floor

Certified babysitters can be found at Lurko Babysitter

CEU is a secular institution, where every religious belief is respected.

CEU has a prayer room, which can be found in the Nador 9 building (access via Nador street 15), Faculty Tower 508.