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Getting around in Budapest tram

Image by SofieLayla Thal from Pixabay

How do I travel the simplest and cheapest way in Budapest?

If you wish to use the Budapest public transport system, you need to have a valid transportation pass or ticket.

Daily or weekly travel cards and bi-weekly or monthly passes can be purchased online in the BudapestGO mobile app, BKK Customer Service Points or from ticket vending machines around the city.

If you regularly travel by public transport, the best arrangement for you is to buy a weekly travelcard or a bi-weekly or monthly travel pass (see detailed information about tickets and passes here). While it is easy to get lost in the various ticket types, we recommend you purchasing single ticket until you get to buy the pass that is most suitable for you. One single ticket is valid for one uninterrupted journey of up to 60 minutes, whereas a travel card/pass is good for unlimited travel in Budapest.

Travel passes and cards are personalized and non-transferable. You will need to also hold a document with you (driving license, passport, personal ID, etc) that has a photo of you and is suitable to identify you upon request of a ticket inspector.

How to buy tickets/travel pass?

Airport Express Bus tickets – via BKK Pay&Go device

This is the simplest way to purchase a ticket for the 100E (Airport Express) bus, between Liszt Ferenc Airport and Deak square (Budapest downtown). All you need is a bank card either in the form of plastic card, or digitized in your mobile phone, as mobile-pay card.    
Touch the card/your mobile phone to the yellow Pay&Go device on the bus, right at the driver’s cabin. The device will automatically deduct the fare amount of 2200HUF from your card.    

Upon successful purchase NO paper ticket or receipt will be printed. All you will see is a green screen. The price of the fare will actually be deducted from your account on the night following the purchase, therefore you are not likely to receive a notification of the successful purchase right at the spot. Remember: if the screen is green, the purchase was successful.
More information about the Pay&Go payment is available here on the BKK Pay&Go page.
Watch this video about the Pay&Go.

BudapestGO mobile app

The most convenient way to buy your tickets/passes is with your mobile phone. Download the "BudapestGO" app for Android or iOS from  (scroll down on the page). Once you downloaded the app you need to register a user profile there.
Important: You need to allow the app to access your camera and the photo gallery of your phone.
Registering a user profile in the BudapestGO app:

BPGO Register


After successfully registering a user profile, you can purchase your Budapest transportation pass, even in advance. To purchase a pass you will have to enter the number of the document with a photo of you (passport, ID card, driver's license, etc.) that you are going to carry with you while you are in Budapest. After this, you can purchase the ticket/pass with your credit/debit card. If you wish, you can save your card details in the app during the first payment process. If you buy your ticket/pass with your mobile phone, it will be your responsibility to have your mobile device with you charged, so upon request, you have to be able to present your valid electronic ticket/pass any time you use the vehicles of Budapest Transportation Company. You can purchase a pass in advance, with its validity starting later, or you can also purchase one that’s validity starts ‘today’ – in this case after the payment you need to wait 2-3 minutes until the pass becomes valid and usable.
See below the process of purchasing one-week pass in the app:

BPGO purchase 1


BPGO purchase 2


BPGO purchase 3


BPGO purchase 4


After you purchased your pass you can put it on your main phone screen as a widget, so you do not have to start the BudapestGO app every time a controller wants to check your ticket. See the screenshots about how to put your pass on the main screen of your phone:

BPGO Widget


From ticket vending machines

Ticket vending machines have been installed all around Budapest, as well as at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest. There is a ticket vending machine in front of the Residence Center. When you come out of the building at the main entrance, cross the road at the traffic lights (you need to cross the rails of the local train as well), and find the machine on the left-hand side.

All types of tickets and passes are purchasable at these TVMs. They accept and return Hungarian coins and banknotes and also accept credit/debit cards. User-friendly instructions in English and other languages are available. 
For more information on how to use the machines please visit the Ticket Vending Machine page of the Budapest Transportation Company.

At BKK Customer Service Points

There are BKK Customer Service Points at the main railway stations, metro stations, and at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. You can purchase your tickets/pass in person, using cash (HUF only) or debit/credit card, and can also get information about Budapest transportation-related questions. Click here to search for BKK Offices in Budapest.

What types of passes do we recommend? 

  • 15-day Budapest Pass – 5.950 HUF 
  • Monthly Budapest Pass (Natural Persons) – 8.950 HUF 
  • Monthly Budapest Pass for Students – 3.450 HUF

Am I eligible for a student pass? 

Those who hold a student card of a higher education institution in an EU member state or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland, AND the student ID card of their home institution does have their photo AND the card expiry date is visible on the card, are eligible to buy a monthly Budapest pass for students, at a reduced price of 3,450 HUF. When ticket inspectors check passes, this student card should be presented. International Student Identification Card (ISIC) can also be used for this purpose. Remember to enter your student card number when you purchase the pass coupon from the vending machine.

CEU student card is not accepted for the 'Monthly Budapest Pass for Students'.
Students of a higher education institution outside of the European Union are not eligible for using a 'Monthly Budapest Pass for Students', even if they hold an International Student Identification Card (ISIC).

Validation of tickets and passes

Paper tickets/passes

If you use printed (paper version) single tickets, they must be validated by ticket punchers/stampers in buses and trams or before entering any metro stations. The validated tickets must be kept until the end of the trip and handed over to a ticket inspector upon request.

Unlike single tickets, travel passes and cards do not need to be validated for each trip: these are valid for the indicated period on the pass. Ticket inspectors are authorized to check the validity of your ticket or pass any time during and after your trip. Passengers without a valid ticket or pass are to pay a heavy fine - 8.000,- HUF (approx. 27 euros) on the spot.

Digital tickets/passes (via mobile app)

Validity of tickets/passes purchased in mobile app starts 2 minutes after the purchase. It is your responsibility to keep your mobile phone with you and make sure its battery is charged enough to present your online ticket/pass upon the request of the ticket inspectors.

Depending on the vehicle you ride you can use your purchased online tickets/pass the following ways.


If there are ticket inspectors present, just start your app and select your current metro station from the list. Once you selected it, an animation will start on the screen which you have to show to the inspector.

How to show your mibile ticket at the metro stations in Budapest

Vehicles with front-door boarding

When boarding a vehicle where only front-door boarding is allowed (it is usually a bus), you need to start your app and scan the QR code on the left side (outside) of the door. Upon a successful scanning, an animation will appear on your screen which you need to show to the driver of the vehicle. If it is too dark outside for the scanning (e.g. nighttime), you can also find the same QR code stepping inside the vehicle, on the window of the driver's cab.

Scanning QR code for boarding vehicles in Budapest

 Free-boarding vehicles

On vehicles where there is no preliminary ticket inspection for boarding, you have no special task to do while boarding. Ticket inspectors however may board the vehicle any time and check the tickets/passes. In such case you need to start your app, click on the 'Details' link under the 'Scan code for ride' button, and show the QR code to the inspectors. They will scan it with their inspection device to check the validity of your ticket.

Mobile ticket for incspector checking


In case you have a single ticket in the BudapestGO app, before you board, you need to scan the QR code next to the door of the vehicle (outside). You need to show the ticket in your app upon the request of the ticket inspectors.

If you have paper-based single ticket, you need to validate it in the vehicle immediately after boarding and present it to tickes inspectors upon request. Ticket validator devices are placed usually close to the doors of the vehicle.

If you have paper-based pass, you do not need to validate it. You only need to carry it with you and present it to the ticket inspectors upon request.

Route planner

If you are not familiar with Budapest, we recommend using the Google Maps service for planning your route within Budapest (or the entire country).

Alternative means of transportation

Night services

BKK operates various night services. Check the Timetables for Night Services of the Budapest Transportation Company. 

Night buses and trams that stop at Kerepesi Residence and Conference Center

CEU Residence Center: #908 or #931 buses. Get off at “Egyenes Utcai Lakótelep” stop.