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What makes the program attractive?

CEU’s Summer University (SUN) offers a unique combination of study and professional development programs aimed at academics and practitioners from all over the world.

Topics and faculty

SUN’s appeal derives greatly from a combination of cutting-edge topics and world-class faculty in Budapest, a wonderful location.

Lively and engaging courses

The SUN experience is lively and engaging for participants. The courses are not solo performances conducted by one professor but there is a team of faculty, an ensemble performing together for and with the course audience. This in itself contributes to the intellectual variety and diversity of perspectives that students are confronted with, inspiring them to challenge, contest and rethink their assumptions. Peer-to-peer learning in an unusually diverse classroom, typically representing 15 different countries, is the other major source of inspiration and enrichment.

A taste of the CEU experience

CEU’s reputation also makes the program more attractive. Participants can get a taste of the CEU experience: the extraordinary diversity of the students, the beautiful downtown buildings with their library and the high-tech classrooms in Budapest, and more.


Participants become a part of a lasting academic or professional network even though the course is short, typically one or two weeks. The intensive experience, however, often stays with the participants for a long time and evolves into lasting friendships and more formalized research and professional networks.

If we managed to arouse your interest, check out our course selection.