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27th CEU Summer University
December 12, 2022

CEU initiated its 27th annual Summer University (SUN) on June 27, 2022 with 14 courses and approximately 300 participants from 72 countries, selected from nearly 700 applicants. 

One of the most attractive features of SUN courses is that they are not taught by a single instructor, but by a team of faculty presenting a wider-than-usual range of perspectives and disciplines. The teaching may take the form of several faculty members running a session jointly or sitting in on each other's classes and actively participating in the discussion. In addition, they offer individual consultations, and after the day has ended frequently go out with participants in the evening so they can continue the academic discourses in a more informal setting. It is no wonder that participants highly appreciate receiving this much access to faculty during the summer months and vice versa, faculty also enjoy exchanging ideas with colleagues and the multitude of participants. “The point of [the Summer University] is that you’re picking up so much information in a few hours as you would pick up in weeks if you were sitting in a library reading because you’re picking it up from the best people,” said Professor Jozsef Laszlovszky, one of the course directors of the CEU Medieval Studies Department.

The Summer University has also become an exciting opportunity for both scholars and practitioners to meet and discuss their ongoing research and practical experience, which brings leading experts in their fields to CEU, who, in turn, also attract an inspiring audience of advanced graduate students and senior researchers and professionals to the summer courses.


Photo credit: Matyas Szabo, CEU, The Quality of University Education summer course