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The huge and wide expertise of content and researchers within the field from all around the globe with best practices and academic excellence, the variety of nationalities and countries of origins add a lot of anchors in shaping the outcomes. (Introduction to Geospatial Technologies)


There is no other course that is as challenging, yet practical as the Summer course on constitution building in Africa. This course discusses both historical and contemporary constitutional matters relevant to every constitutional scholar and enthusiast. I would highly recommend it to anyone and I will say, count yourself being lucky if you make it to the course for it is truly rewarding in terms of rich network, experience, and knowledge. (Constitution-building in Africa)


I was blown away by the quality of students and faculty at the CEU. The group-teaching environment meant that I had an opportunity to see my colleagues in action and to learn from their teaching styles and their respective knowledge bases. I was also amazed by the quality of the students, who came from across the world and showed particularly strong representation in Eastern Europe, where there are so many fine young people working in the field of later Roman history.

Noel Lenski
Department of Classics, Yale University
Luminosus Limes: Geographical, Ethnic, Social and Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity

The CEU Summer University was - and remains - one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was the thing, the "trigger" that convinced me to return to academia and pursue a PhD. I was not enrolled as a student when I applied to CEU, and I craved something engaging, something immersive and international, something that involved learning and would give me direction in my career. The CEU summer school was the perfect opportunity for this. Plus, it had the perfect course for me: “The Politics of Citizenship”. I studied issues of nationalism, identity, and citizenship during my M.A.

Alexandra Liebich
The Politics of Citizenship

The course provided an in-depth look at historical issues but also places where the contemporary literature on the laws of nature needs further development. As a young researcher, I found that particularly helpful, along with the openness of the faculty to discussion. 

The History and Metaphysics of the Concept of Laws of Nature

Human Rights and Drug Policy, CEU SUN course

Wilson Box